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Projects Under Consideration

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South Bay Historic Restoration Foundation
A 501(c)3 IRS Nonprofit Organization
 10825 W. Estates Or. Cupertino, CA 95014

Current Projects Under Consideration Include
1.  Dock Replacement 
2 Barn/Shed Repair

1.    Assist with dock repairs on the public portion of the docks at the South Bay Yacht Club.

Heavy public dock usage at various events, especially Sea Scout open houses, requires that the dock be in tip top condition.  This is the scene during the May 2017 Sea Scout open house.

The public docks were built in the mid 1990s, and much of the planking has disintegrated. to the point where public usage is highly risky.

Emergency repairs were affected by Sea Scouts and other volunteers, glueing and screwing 3/4" plywood to the rotten deck boards to cover the rotten boards.  Repairs are ongoing as of June 2017, however most of the docks have been covered with plywood.  Unfortunately the repairs are temporary, because many of the underlayment boards are so rotten that screws will not hold, and the plywood will eventually peel and move.  However, we believe that the emergency repairs are solid enough to make the dock usable for the rest of 2017, possibly into 2018.

Repairs are under way (target area shown in orange) for the public access space between the 2 South Bay Yacht Club gates (commercial docks to the north, recreational docks to the south).  However, the docks must be replaced as soon as possible.  Replacement cost is high, and emergency repairs will hold for now.  But public use is frequent, so dock replacement is required as soon as feasible.

2.    Assist with the reroofing the storage shed at the South Bay Yacht Club.
The magnificent old barn at South Bay Yacht club is constructed of old redwood.  Sadly, the glorious old building has seen better days.

Yet in spite of some dilapidation here and there, she still stands proudly on Hope Street, Alviso, California.

Sagging doors, broken windows, the once grand old gal sits mostly unused nowadays.

However Sea Scout Ship #300, "Spartans" are using the barn to build and repair rudimentary rafts and boats.  We hope to some day return the barn to frequent use as a boat-repair facility. 

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